Great Addington Church of England Primary School

An academy with the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust

Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement



Great Addington Primary is a Christian School based on the values of: Love, Care, Respect, Excellence  where every child feels they belong and is encouraged to reach their full potential educationally, personally and spiritually


The School’s Agreement

We, both as individual staff and as a whole school will do our best to:

* Provide a safe, well ordered and caring environment which reflects Christian values;

* Have clear aims and learning objectives for all pupils;

* Encourage all children to do their best at all times;

* Always inform you at an early stage of any concerns that we may have so that you can discuss and become  involved in any matter relating to your child;

* Inform you of your child’s progress regularly;

* Have a clearly staged, published Behaviour Policy;



The Parent or Carer’s Agreement

I will try to:

* Make sure that my child arrives at school for an 8.45 am start;

* Inform the school before 9.30 am of reasons for absence;

* Let the school know about any problems that might affect work or behaviour;

* Offer support with reading and other home learning activities;

* Attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about progress;

* Encourage participation in After School Clubs;

* Support the school’s Policy on good behaviour;

* Support the Healthy School Policies;

      Contact the School if we have any worries or concerns and not use social media websites to air any grievances;



The Child’s Agreement

I will do my best:

* To follow the school rules;

* To listen to all adults and work hard;

* To let my teacher know if I have any worries;

* To be friendly and helpful;



Together We Will:

Look after our school and grounds;

Be kind to each other;

Look after each other and ourselv